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Welcome to 79 West Podcast Studio 

Session Procedure

We are excited to share this wonderful space with our community. Our open-access podcast studio aims to promote free speech, community building, and thought leadership among its users. We strive to promote a courteous and safe space where all ideas are welcome and remain the property of their creators. Please read our legal statement regarding our terms and conditions for space usage. Users are responsible for the care and return of all equipment provided.

1. Arrival and Check-In:

Begin your session by checking in with our receptionist.

The receptionist will provide you with the on-site audio equipment necessary for your recording session. We retain a driver's license as collateral for the audio equipment.

2. Entering the Podcast Bay:

Upon entering the podcast bay, please be advised that you are consenting to our terms and conditions.


The dimmable light switch is located on the left wall upon entering the bay.

A dedicated power strip is mounted to the table and should be used for all electronic devices.

3. Using the Equipment:

There is a mounted white switch on the table that controls power to the TV, strip lights, and the "On Air" sign.


Our podcast studio is equipped with an LG smart TV for screen mirroring your logo and graphics with a provided HDMI cable or via WiFi.


*Connect to the 79westguest WiFi for wireless screen sharing. The password is: Innov@tionGuest!

See our guide on connecting to a smart TV for detailed instructions.

We have prop mics on stands to make the podcast feel more authentic, but you are welcome to take these off the table if you wish.


If using our supplied audio equipment, clip the lapel mic in the center of your shirt near the bottom of your rib cage, pointing the foam end towards your mouth for the best mic clarity and gain.

Center your camera in landscape mode for the best shot. Read our guide on multicam filming.


We have provided a timer for users to monitor their time, an "ON AIR" sign to prevent disturbances, and a door that auto locks from the outside.

Per fire marshal code, no more than 4 people can be in the room at a time.

An extra desk and chair, along with a whiteboard, are available to aid in your podcast programming.

4. Audio Equipment:

Users can choose to use their own stands and in-camera audio or elect to use our stands and audio equipment.

We provide several mounting options along with a Bluetooth audio system that includes a receiver and two wireless lapel mics.


You should have received your audio equipment from a 79 West manager.

The Bluetooth device is compatible with iPhones, Androids, and devices with 1/8" inputs like digital cameras.


Power on the receiver. The light should be set to:

Blue for smartphones

Cyan for digital cameras

Green for external audio interfaces

5. Filming and Recording:

Follow our guide on tips to start a podcast for best practices.

Use the provided stands and mic equipment for optimal recording quality.

Review our space guidelines to ensure a smooth and efficient session.

6. Completing Your Session:

Please cut off the white switch on the table when you are done.

Return all stationary equipment back to its original position.

Return the audio equipment to the front desk when done.



Thank you for using the 79 West Podcast Bay.

We hope you have a productive and enjoyable session!

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