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A real estate company has been managing their company's headquarters in a traditional office building for years. However, they have been closely monitoring the evolving landscape of workspace trends and understand the importance of adapting to stay competitive.


Changing Realities: In recent years, the demand for traditional commercial space has been on the decline, largely due to the rise of remote working trends. Businesses increasingly prefer flexible, community-oriented spaces that provide a better work-life balance for their employees.


Discovery of 79°West: The company becomes aware of 79°West, a flexible lease facility within a thriving coworking space environment in the heart of North Carolina's fastest-growing region. They recognizes that this innovative workspace aligns with the changing preferences of businesses and workers.

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 2.41.01 AM.png


Decision to Sell: After careful consideration, the company decides to sell its traditional office building. They see it as an opportunity to reinvest in her real estate portfolio, potentially acquiring properties that align with the current demand for flexible, community-oriented workspaces. This strategic move allows them to stay ahead of market trends and diversify her investments.


Embracing the Future: The company’s decision to transition to 79°West and sell its traditional office building demonstrates its forward-thinking approach to real estate management. By adapting to the evolving preferences of businesses and workers, they not only ensure the long-term sustainability of their real estate ventures but also embrace the future of workspace trends.

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